Identification of the Causes of Noise and Vibration in Piping Systems

This guest contribution on Innovation Intelligence is written by Katja Juschka, Marketing and Sales Manager at FLUIDON, developers of DSHplus. FLUIDON is a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.

Most motorists are all too familiar with this undesirable phenomena: while parking the vehicle engine stalls or it suddenly makes “strange” noises. The culprit often responsible for these disorders are the installed piping systems, or more precisely, the non-optimized interaction between pump and pipe. To prevent this phenomena, not only in automotive but for the entire range of hydraulic systems, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of both components.

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Altair’s 2018 Global Technology Conference Commences in Paris

The first day of Altair’s Global Technology Conference (ATC) 2018 just finished and what a day it was! With more that 870 registrations and over 600 people already joining today’s industry seminars and welcome reception, this conference sets out to break all records. 

At 1pm ATC 2018 officially opened its gates and kicked off, all rooms filled to the max with attendees ready to learn from nine different industry sessions including topics on Multidisciplinary Optimization, Lead Time Reduction, Design for 3D Printing, Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and In-service Simulation, Fatigue and Durability, Design for the Future of e-Mobility, CAE Math, Scripting, and Data Visualization, Altair Support for Universities, and Design for Manufacturing.  

The industry seminars featured Altair and customer presentations alike with highlights such as BMW presenting the first 3D printed part ever being used in a series vehicle. Professor Darrell Socie discussed in detail the different available fatigue simulation tools in the Fatigue and Durability seminar. The same seminar also featured presentations from Altair’s APA partners HBM Prenscia and Engineering Centre Styr as well as real live industrial applications from ALSTOM Transport. Altair presentations focused on relevant trending topics today. The Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance, and In-service Simulation seminar which included a presentation by Socomec demonstrating how the company has leveraged Altair’s full IoT stack and architecture to build an end-to-end IoT solution.  

The list of highlights goes on and on and after an interesting and instructive afternoon the day concluded with a lively welcome reception in both exhibition areas offering a perfect platform to network with exhibitors, sponsors, fellow attendees and Altair experts.   

After a successful first day, we are now all looking forward to the keynote sessions of Wednesday October 17th, offering presentations from Altair’s executive leaders and customers Ferrari, JLR, Zaha Hadid, ClassNK, Volvo and many more. See you all at 9.00 am in Auditorium Berlioz, at the Palais de Congress d’Issy in Paris!

Simulation-Driven Design and Manufacturing

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”  – Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947)  Today, when I see a white car on the road, I can hardly tell what the exact color … Read More

Multiphysics Analysis of an Aircraft Radome

A variety of critical performance metrics can be predicted via simulation, including boresight error, transmission loss, bird-strike damage, and deflection under aerodynamic load. When it comes to aircraft design, engineers must meet standard requirements and consider every scenario. Would the … Read More